Fish Balls

  • Fish meat
  • salt
  • ajinomoto (MSG, Umami)
  • cold water
  1. Chop the fish meat into small pieces. Add some salt and ajinomoto.
  2. Use the mixer to stir the fish meat until the fish meat stick together.
  3. Rub the fish meat by hand. The cold water was added spoon by spoon
  4. Use a spoon to take the fish ball so that it wont run out of shape.
  5. Put the fish ball into the cold water
  6. Take out the fish ball from the cold water.
  7. Arrange it into a plate
  8. To cook the fish ball, boil the water. Put the fishball into the boiling water for 5 – 10 minutes.
  9. Fry the fish balls before eating and serve with sweet and sour sauce.